Quality management in Viet Chuan

VIETCHUAN JSC places Quality as its core value in all business activities. The company has been certified to ISO 9001: 2015 for Quality Standards and ISO 14001: 2015 for Environmental Standards.
Quality Management Team
In order to continuously ensure the fulfillment of the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, VIETCHUAN JSC operates all activities within the company according to the Quality Manual, Operating Procedures and Work Instructions. To implement these tasks, the company has built a Quality Management Team of Molds and plastic injection, including:

    Quality management
    Quality engineer
    Project engineer

The quality management team works together to ensure accurate product quality.
The group takes care of all activities related to quality assurance and quality control by using both traditional equipment to the most modern equipment such as 2D or 3D gauges. Product quality control reports are made based on the full measurement of the factors under the tolerances allowed by the customer.
Launching new products

Normally at VIETCHUAN JSC, the deployment of new products in mold making and plastic injection will be done by a project team which includes members from Quality Management, Production and Sales, which will is run by a Project Engineer. The group will meet to discuss and discuss before the production begins to ensure that the norms of materials, production processes, drawings and production information are accurate and consistent.
The Project Engineer will then follow up on the pre-production work and the first test production batches until completion. With the support of the Quality Management Team, this Engineer will ensure that all outsourcing operations will be done in accordance with the requirements of customers. Besides, this person will record any detailed changes to save the deployment for the following shipments.
Quality Control Right In The Workshop
Quality control at the factory is the responsibility of all plant operators and is carried out according to the Quality Plan, with the support of quality documentation, and every stage of the production process will be Everyone has a person in charge.
Quality System information will be provided by us according to customer requirements.
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