Mold processing - Plastic injection mold is a tool for shaping a type of plastic product that is designed to be used for the required number of cycles. Plastic injection molds are often used in manufacturing factories producing plastic products
With over 10 years of experience in the field of plastic mold processing and industrial plastic products as well as consumer plastic. We provide customers with good quality plastic products, precision mechanical products and high technology
We specialize in consulting and designing plastic injection molds with all sizes from smallest to largest (from 4cm to 2m) according to customer requirements.
Viet Chuan Joint Stock Company undertakes all production processes:
1. Make design drawings according to customer requirements.
2. Carry out design and manufacture plastic injection molds according to customers' drawings or samples.
3.Testing product inspection and finishing mold to produce the best product
Viet Chuan Joint Stock Company accepts processing plastic molds - precision plastic molds upon request. We deal with the customer:
- Making molds - plastic injection molds in accordance with international standards.
- Ensure the design requirements of customers
- Make the mold to produce the product first, then payment.
- Mold is made to ensure stable operation for a long time.
- Support delivery for remote customers.
- Advise customers to choose the best plastic material to reduce costs while ensuring usability.
- Best price for plastic molding and plastic injection on the market ...
Injection molds are indispensable to produce plastic shape, but not all Businesses can invest in a production line of modern machinery to process molds and plastic molds for themselves. Viet Chuan J.S.C specializes in making plastic molds on demand, with advanced modern processes, giving you the highest quality plastic injection products.
What are advantages when processing plastic shape molds in Viet Chuan?
- High durability, ensure mold quality, use for a long time
- Designing, processing to meet requirements and product design targets of businesses
- Smooth surface to increase product quality of the business
- Mold produces plastic products that are uniformly shaped in quality, without protrusions or instability in each product
- Reasonable processing cost, suitable for many different businesses.
Please contact Viet Chuan J.S.C if you need to process molds - injection molds according to the requirements of high quality, low cost. Viet Chuan will accompany development with your business.