Mold making capacity of Viet Chuan JSC

Viet Chuan JSC is proud to be the "pioneer" in the mold manufacturing industry. With new experiences and thinking, Viet Chuan JSC has become a leading partner of the world's most developed industries such as the US, Japan, and Korea ... This proves one thing, with the big company, Viet Chuan JSC can meet, so that with Vietnam market, Viet Chuan JSC is confident of doing more than what partners want.
What people recognize and appreciate the capacity of a company is that mold products must not only meet high standards, but also must meet the purpose of developing supporting industries in our country. integration with the global. In order to do this, it is not only necessary for the units in the field of mold and fabrication to make efforts. It needs more than that, it's the industry's deep understanding of the industry. Viet Chuan JSC - with the mission of "Using and maximizing Vietnamese intellectual potentials, constantly creating to create products and services of quality that exceed customers' expectations".
Words must be associated with actions and the way Viet Chuan JSC turns it into specific actions are:
- Invest in modern equipment for manufacturing molds and processing precision mechanical parts.
- High-tech plastic mold industry products, whether small in size or complex in structure or large size, Viet Chuan JSC's production can do.
Viet Chuan JSC's sample products are all orders from reputable companies in the mechanical, electronics manufacturing industry, ...

Plastic mold making service at partner's request
Besides proficiency and capacity to make molds, Viet Chuan JSC also accepts making plastic molds according to customer requirements. With professionalism, skills, technology and technology - Viet Chuan JSC always satisfies its partners, paving the way for strong cooperation.
Our target customers are those who require high precision and rigor in fields such as automobiles, electronics, sanitary equipment and healthcare.
Making plastic molds requires a high level of technology from an engineer or a professional mold making company. Especially making plastic molds as required as needed high precision, small tolerance. Therefore, Viet Chuan JSC is always the first choice, because technology, machines, people and sample products we have introduced to customers.
We work according to a strict process, strict discipline, so partners who want to model on demand need to pay attention to coordinate to bring the best work efficiency:
Stage 1: Get the part’s complete design from customers
Stage 2: Studying and evaluating the available plastic mold designs
Stage 3: Quotation making molds as required
Stage 4: Conducting to make detailed plastic molds
Stage 5: Checking the quality and handing over the molds to customers

Price is always a measure of value. But with Viet Chuan JSC Company - a leading mold maker, the price is negotiable. We always favor customers who want to cooperate and develop.
In making plastic molds, making plastic molds on demand, the decision to choose Viet Chuan JSC is the current No. 1 smart choice.