Current status of mold manufacturing industry and development trends

Current status of mold manufacturing industry and development trends
Around the world, the revolution in electronic computers has had a major impact on industrial production. In particular, in the modern mold making industry, information technology (IT) has been widely applied, to quickly transform traditional manufacturing processes into high-tech manufacturing (CNC). ); whereby the design and fabrication stages are automatically automated. (CAD / CAM - where: CAD is designed with the help of electronic computers; CAM is manufactured with the help of electronic computers, also known as numerical control machining).
Countries with advanced industries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan ... have formed a combination model, to produce high quality molds, for each different technology field.
• Specializes in designing and manufacturing plastic molds, cold dies, hot dies, pressure dies, melt molds, automatic dies ...
• Specialized in designing and manufacturing standard assemblies, serving for mold manufacture such as: standard mold base sets, standard mold blocks, guide poles, springs, wrinkled rubber, and all kinds of structures automatic workpiece feeding ...
• Specializes in providing heat treatment services for mold manufacturing companies;
• Specializing in providing all kinds of cutting tools to process molds;
• Specialized in providing specialized software CAD / CAM / CIMATRON, CAE ...
• Specializing in performing measurement services, mold quality inspection ...
The above models are open link models, helping businesses to invest deeply in each field with the application of CNC, in the direction of automating the production process, in order to improve product quality. and maximize your equipment capabilities. Typically, the model of mold manufacturing industry of Taiwan. In 2002, Taiwan exported molds to countries: China, USA, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam ... with a total value of NT $ 18,311,271,000, equivalent to 48,726 tons of molds. Taiwan's mold is evaluated to meet international standards but the price is only 50% of the imported price, because it has always applied new technology updates (new materials technology, automation technology, IT) to the process. manufacturing.
In Vietnam, due to limitations in design and manufacturing capacity, enterprises are currently only able to meet part of the production of molds for manufacturing consumer mechanical products and partly for companies. foreign joint venture. For products with high technical requirements (washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, motorbikes, etc.), most of them have to import semi-finished products or import molds from foreign countries into production.
One of the reasons that need to be mentioned is that domestic production and business enterprises currently operate in a self-contained state without coordination and integration to go into design and intensive production. one or several items of the same category; equipment at most facilities of low technology level; or some places have invested in high-tech equipment, but the investment is duplicated due to the lack of cooperation between enterprises in production. Besides, human resources for designing, manufacturing and transferring technology are also scattered. Also due to small production, even importing alloy steel as a mold must also be imported at a high price. These things explain why the cost of production and business of Vietnamese enterprises is always large, resulting in limited production efficiency.
Development planning of Hanoi metal industry in the 2006-2010 period has determined: Focusing on developing product groups: Synchronous equipment; industrial machine products; electrical engineering products; automotive - motorbike industry; consumer metal products. Among them, the basic products related to the use of molds are: industrial machine products, automotive - motorbike products and a number of other manufacturing industries such as: manufacturing products from rubber and plastic. serving industry and household.
Therefore, in the trend of international economic integration and cooperation, in order to survive and develop sustainably, the mold manufacturing technology industry of Vietnam as well as Hanoi needs to have the right and appropriate solutions. If it is to keep production and business in a closed state, a unit can hardly guarantee to have high quality and low price molds. In the coming time, it is necessary to set up an Association of business and production industries. This will be the place for businesses to meet and exchange information at home and abroad, promote the image of their businesses as well as seek partners and business associates. The Association is also a place with close ties with the Government and ministries; with institutes and universities; with State management agencies, from which information on guidelines, policies, management mechanisms, advanced technologies and equipment, and unified development of industrial standards and standards will be provided. safety standards for the mold industry ... help businesses quickly grasp all issues related to their existence and development. According to the proposal of the Topic "Surveying the status of technology and the change of machine manufacturing capacity in key economic regions to build scientific arguments and propose solutions on linking production of key mechanical products".
Understanding that demand, Viet Chuan has boldly invested in high-tech machinery that precisely meet all machining requirements from customers.
More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and processing precision mechanical products by high technology by machinery imported from Japan. VIETCHUAN JSC, we are very proud of the field of precision mechanical processing according to leading requirements in Vietnam.
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