Why choose Machining mold in Viet Chuan?

At VIETCHUAN JSC, we understand that the success of any project depends on the strength of the project team. Together, our experts combine their experience in automation, tools, automation, design and modeling to provide our customers with optimal manufacturing solutions tailored to their needs. customer's need. Each of our project teams may include all or any of the following members:
    Project management
    Quality engineer
    Design Engineer
    Manufactoring engineer
    Engineers tools
At VIETCHUAN JSC, our workflow is to inform customers and control their projects throughout the implementation process. Customers will be updated continuously via email, phone, weekly progress reports, photos, videos and visit our facilities if required. Professional project management keeps projects running smoothly and improves work efficiency.
Quality molds start from optimal mold design. Better mold design can reduce mold manufacturing and modification costs. Any changes will be well informed to our customers, and before that we will have the first evaluation meeting to find the best solution for mold design.
     The tool set 2D and 3D
     Support DFM after quote before official order.
     Support for Moldflow analysis
     Incorporate the final stage to thoroughly examine mold characteristics and market requirements
     Supporting material selection
     Product optimization
     Expand file formats PRT, SLDPrt, Step, STP, IGES, Parasolid_xt, Stl, Dwg, Dxf and PDF.
During the mold manufacturing process, we are keeping track of timely schedule reports.
    We send progress reports photos once or twice each week
     Each component is measured
     All electronics have been measured
We take pictures and videos sent to customers when we check the mold.
    The checklist is built to ensure everything is fully prepared before mold inspection.
    Detailed images and videos help you control everything even when not on the site
    The report will list all questions and solutions.
    Provide all measurements for samples
There are two important processes after mold approval. That may be a small question at VIETCHUAN JSC but it is a big problem for our customers.
We will do all the checklists and check each mold to make sure everything is well prepared.
Should check the mold package including the items below,
    Report the final section
    Mold size report
    Certified steel
    Check sample parameters
    The final mold inspection list
    Copy of 2D and 3D data
Good packaging and detailed images can help you check the mold.
    The mold is well protected and packed in wooden boxes for transport.
    Send Japanese shipment report to customer after shipment.
    A complete set of technical documentation is attached to the shipment
This is a turnkey service, where VIETCHUAN JSC is fully responsible for all Processing Engineering Project, oversee mold production, testing, certifying and delivering complete products.
We plan and manage all stages from design, production, testing and shipment verification, to ensure that each mold delivered is delivered in compliance with Customer's standards and specifications. .
Through machining, we provide the best prices, deadlines and quality for each type of mold.
We have a group of qualified suppliers, equipped with the latest technology to effectively implement each mold.
We produce molds up to 15 tons for various applications: Cars; packaging; Houseware; Industrial parts ...
    Getting Started:
    1. Receive a quote request
    2. Analysis: Information analysis / specifications
    3. Budget: quotation within 2 working days
    4. Choice: choose a manufacturer
    5. Project: project design and mold development (if necessary)
    6. Planning: we send production plans to customers (updated plans are sent weekly)
    7. Production: start mold production (daily production monitoring)
    8. First test: shipping parts for customers
    9. Verification: sample verification / mold improvement - quality control (other testing needed)
    10. Finishing: surface finishing and engraving
    11. Final test: final test of the mold
    12. Final inspection: final inspection of mold and packaging
    13. Delivery to customers
All inquiries should be consulted or ordered immediately, please contact:
Address: Lot b2-3-1B Nam Thang Long Industrial Zone - Thuy Phuong - Bac Tu Liem - Hanoi
Email: [email protected]
Hotline: +8424 37832374