Hello Perfection

We were established on Feb, 2007  by desire to improve Multinational corporation point of view about Vietnam Supporting Industries.

Our businesses are manufacturing high quality plastic mold, die casting mold and Injection parts  for automotive, auto-bike, printer as well as home appliance with advanced technology.

Procurement Item: Plastic mold, Mold core inserts, Die casting mold, Jig fixture, Jig for checking. Sales Item: High precision plastic part for automotive, auto-bike, printer as well as home appliance.

Our Vision

Becoming one of the Top 3 domestic companies that have remarkable contributions in making Vietnam
become the top   country in the group of manufacturing Electronics, Motorbike Industry, automotive
industry  and consumer goods in   2022.

Our Mission

Products and services surpass customer expectations
through High quality - Competitive cost - Professional service 
Becoming the proud of the staff, where they can learn,
progress and develop their full potential and enthusiasm.


Strategy Component

Lean Operation
Talent people
Service beyond expectation 


Competitive Advantage

We apply the most state of the art technology to ensure
Precision-Reliable-Economy-Rigidity mold made.
From CEA  system, Updated design CAD-CAM software,
Advanced processing center as well as EDM to continuously 
Innovation  solutions base on our know how.