Mechanical processing is the operation of machinery, mechanic workers to process machine parts with high precision from materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel ... applied in real life or make a complete machine part for a part of a product.
Especially, mechanical processing, the metal cutting stage, especially iron and steel alloy materials, is of great interest. However, the needs of users are increasing, so those materials have also been improved to have better quality such as stainless steel, heat-resistant iron, ... With the complex characteristics of raw materials, they are difficult more processing, requiring modern machines and high skills. So, how to make mechanical processing with these materials become easier and more convenient?

1. Characteristics of raw materials suitable to processing technology:
We want the product after the process has got good quality, in addition to the process of processing, you need to attention to the characteristics of the material. It is mechanical strength, adhesion, heat conductivity, wear resistance, hardness, ...
- If the material has high adhesion, it is recommended to use a fast cutting machine, the tool is made from harder material and must have special coating.
- If the material has high mechanical strength, the cutting tool has a sharp blade. In this case, the device needs to change the cutting speed, the amount of tool feed increases.
- If the material has poor thermal conductivity, the equipment used must have high hardness. Moreover, the cutting speed and feed rate need to be limited.
- If the material has a high hardness, the processing equipment must be harder. The length and depth of cutting should be kept at a moderate level.
- If the machining material is abrasive, the machining device is made of material that is abrasion resistant.
2. To save costs, customers should learn about the properties of materials before processing for metals:
The process of understanding the properties of materials to be processed is very important. It will be bring high quality products and also help to choose a reasonable cutting tool, saving labor for workers, time and production costs. As a result, working efficiency is increased and brought great benefits to the business.
Next is to select tools for cutting, welding with suitable machining conditions. In this way, the product after processing can meet the requirements and the time will be shortened.
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